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One of the key priorities of the European Union is to enable EU citizens to mobility. This is true not only for travel and business, but to an increasing extent also for health care. After the primary obstacles, such as differences in health systems, different financing and social security systems have been largely solved by means of mutual agreement, is today the difference in the quality of health care one of the major factors that limits the cross-border health care. Excellent health care goes hand in hand with the highest quality in the treatment of our patients.


EurSafety Health-net

The main objective of the Health EurSafety-net project is to improve patient safety and protection against infections. In practical terms, to protect people from infection risks, such as H1N1 to strengthen cross-border cooperation, the other side but also to avoid any infection to which patients are related to treatment. Here in particular, protection against pathogens with antibiotic resistance (eg MRSA) is of outstanding importance, as the proportion in Germany up to 20 times higher than in the Netherlands.

Protecting patients from infection (such as new flu) and antibiotic resistance is through the creation of a cross-border quality network of as many participants in the health care system (patients, hospitals, clinics, health departments, laboratories, etc.) along the Dutch-German border Euregios in the next 5 years can be realized.


The expansion of cooperation across the entire border can enhance patient safety and quality of health care on both sides of the border permanently. If health infrastructure and resources relating thereto be used across borders, the utilization rate to be optimized, resulting in cost savings and longer term to a better overall supply of care. Ultimately, patient safety and who may have comparable quality in health care help to ensure that the border can work out Regios a location advantage in health care and economy, and thus a model for other regions of Europe.


Name:EurSafety Health Net
Description:Euregional Network for patient Security and Infection protections
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Categories:Ehealth General


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