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Delivering Market Intelligence and Foresight so you Know What’s Next.

At HIMSS Analytics, our mission is to provide the highest quality data and analytical expertise to support improved decision-making for healthcare providers, healthcare IT companies and consulting firms.

A resource like no other, HIMSS Analytics offers:

  • Independent, objective analysis and insights
  • Accurate, reliable data, information and knowledge
  • Experienced industry experts skilled in healthcare IT, market research, analysis and strategy
  • Value-based solutions that lower cost, increase revenue, and improve operational and market performance 


A broad view begins with detailed insight.

From recognizing industry trends to identifying opportunities, HIMSS Analytics offers a range of expert research capabilities including primary market research design, a dynamic research library, and exclusive Essentials Reports that provide insight and analyses of software applications across the country.

Even with this wealth of information available, certain situations may require more specificity. Do you need to dig deeper? Extract more? With deep experience in IT consulting and data analysis, HIMSS Analytics research experts work with you to design market research programs to inform your complex decisions and help you achieve multifaceted business objectives. Using traditional and custom research methods, we can provide detailed information that goes above and beyond what is available through the database and typical benchmark reports.


Executive Guidance for Strategic Decisions.

HIMSS Analytics Executive Consulting puts world-class counsel and support at your fingertips. Only HIMSS Analytics provides independent perspective and one-on-one guidance, giving you access to custom and actionable information, to help you make informed business decisions quickly, based on your organization’s individual needs.

Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM)SM

Facilitate your progress towards paperless.

This is a critical time for health IT. Hospitals and other eligible providers have until 2015 to demonstrate meaningful use of certified Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology before being penalized. In order to qualify for incentive payments under ARRA, providers must use certified EMRs. Vendors of EMR systems or EMR modules must ensure their products have the features and functionality to be certified, and to enable meaningful use.

Unsure of where to begin? Start by analyzing your situation, charting your accomplishments and comparing your progress. HIMSS Analytics has devised the EMR Adoption Model, an 8-step process that allows you to track your progress against healthcare organizations across the country and view all scores in the HIMSS Analytics® Database.


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