E.Novation is an established supplier of electronic communications, data integration software and services, technology solutions, application development services and business consultancy. Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, it is part of the E.Novation Group which is one of the few family owned businesses in the IT industry employing around 1,000 staff with some 3,700 clients worldwide with offices in France, Germany, China and the UK.
E.Novation UK is based in Leatherhead, Surrey, and was established in 2002 becoming the first international office of the E.Novation Group. Since then we have developed a reputation for delivering high quality, cost effective software and technology solutions and for providing a first class level of service and customer care for our clients in the healthcare industry.
We are appointed Suppliers to the Department of Health’s Additional Supply Capability and Capacity Framework Contract (ASCC) designed to provide the NHS with a rapid means to procure solutions and services from experienced IT companies. E.Novation UK is an active member of Intellect, the country’s leading Technology Association.

Systems integration

E.Novation UK utilises Lawson’s Cloverleaf Integration engine to enable the movement of data between disparate healthcare systems via inbound and outbound communication protocols and adapters, message translation and routing. The intuitive configuration and testing toolkits enable rapid creation, QC and monitoring of connections and interfaces.
Cloverleaf is a proven, reliable technology platform installed worldwide with some 400 installations throughout Europe, at 33% of US hospitals and worldwide at around 40% of all large Integrated Delivery Networks. In the UK, Cloverleaf is installed at NHS and private hospital sites supporting integration in areas such as PMI, Order Communications, Pathology, Radiology & PACS, Maternity, Theatres, Cardiology, Ward Management, A&E, Diabetic Retinopathy Screening and Endoscopy. Cloverleaf offers:
A powerful set of GUI tools which considerably shorten the development time of connections
Connections, protocols, translations, etc can be defined by end users themselves and are easy to re-use
Existing applications do not need to be altered
Testing and validation of interfaces on the Cloverleaf server can be made without disturbing live environment
There is little dependence on external application suppliers
Cloverleaf has its own recovery database to ensure there is never any loss of information
Remote system monitoring ensures all connections are running at peak performance
We also provide a range of supporting integration services comprising interface development, support and maintenance services and consultancy. E.Novation UK has also developed a SQL based HL7 data warehouse with associated ODBC connectivity and stored procedures which enable local departmental systems to easily and rapidly integrate with a Trust’s core Patient Master Index. 


Medical Device Integration

E.Novation’s Strategic Partnership with Capsule, the leading provider of vendor neutral medical device connectivity is designed to support improved patient safety by providing nurses with solutions that help increase direct patient care time and reduce charting errors.
Nursing staff are constantly challenged with trying to balance the time they spend on direct patient care, assessment and surveillance with maintaining and updating clinical documentation. In the ICU the challenge is even greater because patients are more critical, require more surveillance and are connected to more medical devices that require more frequent documentation. Med-surg is equally challenging because there are more patients to care for and therefore just as many vital signs to collect. Manual transcription and entry into the Electronic Patient Record is simply not the best use of nursing time.
Medical device connectivity improves workflow because data from connected devices is automatically sent to the hospital’s clinical system of choice. Device connectivity simply allows nurses to focus on what they do best – care for their patients. It also:

  • Increases staff productivity
  • Reduces charting errors
  • Increases adoption of the EPR
  • Provides real time data to the patients record for improved decision making
  • Helps qualify for meaningful use criteria and
  • Improves overall patient care and safety  


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