IBM Enterprise ServiceBus for Healthcare

Enabling new levels of integration andinteroperability for today’s demanding hospitals andhealth plans
In hospital and health plan environments across the globe, the challenges and opportunities stemming from new data integration demands are tremendous. The need to share information across internal andexternal boundaries is growing dramatically in order to improve patientcare and staff productivity. Solutions that enable hospitals and healthplans to integrate data and applications from disparate clinical and administrative sources can drive greater operational efficiencies, enable more effective collaboration, and facilitate compliance.

This power to share data among applications is critical to being able to deliver quality patient, member and citizen care quickly and efficiently.It is the key to a nurse being able to view patient data collected at the patient’s bedside without actually having to be at the patient’s bedside to collect the data, or to a radiologist finding all the necessary patientimaging data in a single information dashboard, or to a pharmacist being able to integrate prescription records into a pharmacy system without transcoding issues or manual-entry errors. All these and manymore capabilities are made possible by implementing an effectiveenterprise service bus (ESB) solution.
IBM’s alternative to homegrown or legacytechnology

Many hospitals and health plans today are struggling with outdated information technology: legacy data interface engines that are no longer being enhanced or supported, internally developed interfaces that cannot easily scale or support the same services or the increasing volumes, and legacy technologies that are not adequate to meet rapidly changing healthcare requirements as vendor systems and technologiesfail to evolve. To meet this challenge, the IBMEnterprise Service Busfor Healthcare, built on the IBMHealth Integration Framework, is the data communication and application interface answer for healthcare enterprises.

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