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Founded in 1978, InterSystems Corporation is a US$335,000,000 privately-held software company with offices in 23 countries and corporate headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We provide the premier platform for connected healthcare, and our innovative products are widely used in other industries that demand the highest software performance and reliability. Our clients include TD Ameritrade, British Telecom, U.S. Army, Cleveland Clinic, Deutsche Bank, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, Credit Suisse, Prudential Insurance Company, Volvo, and thousands of other successful organizations.

Leading application providers also leverage the high performance and reliability of InterSystems' advanced technology in their own products. These organizations include Epic Systems, Fiserv, GE Healthcare, Siemens Medical, and hundreds of others.

Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems Vice President of Strategic Planning,
on why companies trust InterSystems as a key business partner.

For companies that require an extremely high-performance and ultra reliable database system, we offer InterSystems Caché®. Caché provides a rapid development environment for complex applications along with a lightning-fast, multidimensional engine that uniquely combines a powerful object database with robust SQL. Caché is so reliable, it is the world’s #1 database in clinical healthcare applications.

For enterprises that want to rapidly connect and extend systems, we offer InterSystems Ensemble®. Ensemble enables the fast creation of connectable applications, and makes it possible to enrich existing applications easily with a browser-based user interface, adaptable workflow, rules-based business processes, messaging, executive dashboards, Web services, and more. Its architecturally consistent design combines an integration server, data server, application server, and portal server into a single, seamless environment that delivers breakthrough time-to-results.

InterSystems DeepSee™ is innovative software that enables application developers to embed real-time business intelligence capabilities directly into their solutions. Transactional applications can be enhanced with interactive dashboards, helping users make better decisions based on current operational data.

For the creation of electronic health records on a regional or national basis, we offer InterSystems HealthShare™. HealthShare is the first software platform that includes the technologies needed to get electronic health record systems up and running quickly across multiple organizations, plus a complete development environment for customizing solutions to meet the requirements of each deployment.

Outside of the United States, we offer InterSystems TrakCare™, a connected healthcare information system. It is a Web-based solution with unified clinical and administrative modules that are interoperable with legacy and future applications. With an Electronic Patient Record at its core, this is advanced software that brings exponential improvements to the care of every patient and to the productivity of every healthcare professional.

InterSystems' clients benefit from industry-leading learning services and product support provided on a 24x7 worldwide basis. 

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