J4Care Gmbh

Creating Client Value by Moving Ideas to Results

J4Care GmbH is a innovative provider of scalable enterprise-wide advanced visualization and image distribution solutions for clinical and preclinical imaging.

Targeted at hospitals and imaging centers of any size, solutions based on J4Care´s SMooTH Suite - Thin Client General Data Archive - offer an optimized, integrated workflow for all primary interpretation, post-processing, and image review tasks within and beyond radiology, via LAN or WAN as well as over the Internet. Moreover, J4Care´s thin client technology can be integrated into an existing IT environment in order to improve workflow and reading performance.

We commit ourselves to high standards of integrity based on continual excellence in contributing to the best interests of business partners, the medical profession and their patients.

J4Care delivers flexible, reliable, and profitable solutions across the entire spectrum of the diagnostic workflow, making us the ideal partner for success.

All of our key employees have at least a decade of years experience in the development and provision of a full range of integrated software products and services, providing enterprise-wide technology solutions to large medical corporations and individual medical group practices.Through collaborative learning, we have built a nimble, creative organization: one that is first to market with thin client enterprise wide innovative clinical applications, and offers best-in-class products that are unique, reliable, and assist our customers accelerate their own market innovation and clinical benefit.

Our entire product focus is built around optimization through thin client visualization.

At J4Care, we design and engineer clinical products that present our customers with the ability to overcome demanding market challenges and improve diagnostic results with accuracy and expedience

For the Enterprise, this means imaging solutions anywhere along the diagnostic workflow; for clinical environments, it provides a thin, fast, and powerful capability that simplifies reading of images and improves reimbursement.

Our culture explicitly instills creativity and individual initiative, so that our continuing exploration of scientific rationale and medical need moves ideas to results.

J4Care GmbH was founded 2007 in Vienna Austria, to introduce disruptive technologies to the healthcare market.


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