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Rogan-Delft is creator of concepts to improve patient care in and around the radiology department. Rogan-Delft has been and still is a pioneer in developing innovative solutions.
With introduction of the Zillion suite we offer healthcare professionals a complete infrastructure for the radiology department and beyond.
The Zillion suite contains a number of solutions amongst which RIS (Radiology Information System) and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) are the main solutions. Zillion is completed with several supportive products such as the Rogan Publisher, Rogan Link Pro and CD viewer.
Intelligible our solutions and concepts are conform the industry standards and compliant with the healthcares integration profiles (IHE) used by the organizations with whom we work.
Rogan-Delft solutions work hardware vendor-independent and has repeatedly proven to be one of the major innovators and supplier of state of the art solutions.
The Everything Online solution, invented by Rogan-Delft was a major breakthrough in the market, starting a new era of immediate access to recent and older studies, followed by the MASS concept (Multiple Access Storage Solution) and the RAIS concept (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Servers).

International standards

Rogan-Delft's products are based on international standards, such as DICOM, HL-7, and are developed in accordance with the IHE and HIPAA guidelines.

Technology to rely on

Rogan-Delft’s products are distributed and installed in co-operation with numerous partners throughout the world. With over 500 systems sold worldwide, Rogan-Delft has proven to be a very reliable partner with product known for their stability.

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