WikEhealth Content Type: News


To provide members with worldwide news related to health and ehealth topics. News is both generated by an automatic robot as well as by members who can put news, press-releases etc. on it. 


Any member can be author. It is the author however who can edit (or remove) the news written by him.


Any visitor of WikEhealth, be it a member or not, has access to news. Comments however can only be made by members. 

General parameters

News can have the following general parameters:

  • tags (free tagging by the author)
  • categories
  • locations

News will automatically be shown on maps, portals, countries and categories based on their content.


Experiences can be directly linked to:

  • sponsors (the sponsor involved in the news)
  • healthcare providers
  • ehealth organisations
  • products.

Specific parameters


Attachment, video, images

News can include

  • images as well as
  • youtube videos
  • attachments (pdf files)

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