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WikEhealth is a complete ehealth guide that anyone can edit, aimed at share knowledge and experience around the use of ehealth and related topics. WikEhealth (http://www.wikehealth.org) is free, world-wide Web 2.0 platform made by and for the Ehealth-community. Members could be healthcare providers, healthcare IT specialists, government agencies, research organisations, industry, consultants etc. 

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Take a look at contributions of columnists like John Sharp or Marcel Swennenhuis. More columnists will be added soon.


Categories combine ehealth information in certain areas like Electronic Health Records, PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems).


Ehealth is handled differently in the countries around the world. WikEhealth has portals for each country, for instance Canada, United States, The Netherlands and Germany.


E-health encompasses a broad area of IT-based solution for the healthcare industry. The investments related to e-health are often huge (many countries spend over Billions each year). E-health can have a huge impact of the health of people and the way that healthcare processes are handled.  

Many projects, pilots, tests, etc are done throughout the world. Some with great success, some with less. Some that are stopped halfway, some bring great benefits, and some (unfortunately) are a waste of money.


WikEhealth aims to stimulate the use of Ehealth solutions globally, by sharing Ehealth knowledge and best practices. WikEhealth aims to be a trustworthy and unbiased information resource to all people involved in Ehealth like:

  • People looking for possibilities to improve the lives of chronic patients,
  • Government organisation looking for the best way to implement electronic prescriptions
  • Hospitals looking for ways to improve their interaction with patients

They all should be able find all the information regarding their topics, especially information from others who have gone through the experience or are working on it. People can use WikEhealth as a meeting - and gathering point with other people in the e-health field.

WikEhealth is built with the spirit of sharing knowledge that makes it easier to develop Ehealth to the next stage in its lifecycle.

People with know-how, experiences, technical, clinical  and application knowledge, and anyone who believes he can contribute, can to put their ideas, stories, opinions etc on WikEhealth.   

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